Signature Five (Personal Styling Service)
If you have a more formal Christmas event, rather than finding a new dress, why not rent a dress. One of my ultimate favourite brands is ‘Peppermint Rent-a-Dress’.  Not only do they cater for all shapes and sizes, but both Daria and Benjamin (founders) go out of their way to give impeccable customer service. Prices are very affordable and it’s also a great way of looking incredible while adding less to your wardrobe and being conscious of the environment.

Swiss & The City
Thank you to the Peppermint team for loaning me the lovely dress, designed by them, to wear for the day. It’s great to support new and innovative businesses such as yours.

Girlfriend Guide Zurich
Friday was an evening of glitz and glam, hosted by the power girls behind Signature Five and Peppermint RENT-A-DRESS. The highlight was ladies tried on dresses, got their hair done, opted for styling tips, then had their photos taken with balloons, confetti and other props.

Carmen Jenny from Carmitive
So whether you are looking for an evening gown, a business attire or a casual everyday dress, you can try out all of them anyway. As each design exists only once in every size, the chance that your cousin wears the same dress on your brothers wedding is quite little. Another advantage comes with the prices: compared to usual high-quality handmade gowns, they resemble sale offers. Ultimately, the label proves that you don’t have to wait for the newest collections all the time.

Girlfriend Guide Zurich
Introducing the new online boutique, Peppermint RENT-A-DRESS, coming to your fancy dress party rescue offering beautiful handmade 4-day dress rentals. We gave the service a try and excited to share!