Peppermint was founded in 2017 and until 2020 functioned as Peppermint Rent-A-Dress, an online store that is specialised on renting evening and cocktail dresses for events (about 70% of the rental dresses designed and produced by Peppermint team). Our dream was always to have our own business that would bring a bit more joy and fun into people’s life. Agree that it is quite boring to see women and girls at different events dressed in the clothes from the same shops? We thought that in Switzerland there is not much variety to choose from, especially if you want to keep the budget. Here is how we came to our idea, why not to rent affordable self-designed dresses and other brands not available here, so that you can really stand out at a wedding, an office party or a romantic date?

However, that was not enough for our team, we wanted to go further and complement the rental line with the sales of casual, everyday apparel. Why? Because we think that sustainable everyday wardrobe is as essential for any women, as a gorgeous evening dress for a special event. That is why we are offering clothes that is produced using natural and sustainably sourced materials, as well as the ethical production methods. If you buy one of our pieces, then you can be sure you will enjoy it not only for one season, but for many to come.